Hey everyone …

I am Vadim Kavalchuk, I’m a founder of bik-courses and a teacher.

I’ve studied German and English Studies in Minsk State Linguistic University, Belarus, and later moved to Germany.

My hobbies are travelling, books and fitness, I’m interested in various cultures and mentalities.

Right from the beginning of my teaching in 2004 I’ve been dreaming of my own language school, where I could work hard, use all my knowledge and determine group levels with different educational background, as being a teacher in heterogeneous groups in the past turned out to be one of the main difficulties.

Quality of education, but not quantity and money, is my main priority.

Now I see happy students and satisfied teachers, I get good reviews and can move forward – grow my school and keep the quality of education high – that is my everyday inspiration and motivation.

Vadim Kavalchuk

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