Another Integration course for the most motivated ones - an evening semi-intensive, 3 days per week after work - is on its way! A1 October 19 - February 22 (with 1-week Christmas vacation) Mon, Wed, Fri 18:00 - 21:15 €195/ block

Morning intensive with Stoja

On the 19th of October we start the morning intensive with our lovely Stoja❤️ Don't miss your chance to enroll into the last integration course in 2020! ⠀ Here we go: A1-B1 October 19 - March 3 (with 2-week Christmas vacation) Mon-Fri 9:30 - 13:40 €195/...

Please stay at home!

Please stay at home!

Please stay at home!Alessia Gadaleta, our B2 student from Italy, appeals to our hearts in her emotional letter to "Suddeutsche Zeitung" and we fully share her point of view.⠀Please stay at home!⠀Here's an original letter:⠀“Mein Herz blutet: Meine Heimat Italien steht...



Hey everyone ...Due to Coronavirus situation in Germany, we stop all the classes and postpone all new courses for two weeks. Follow our news to stay informed on the new schedule. Take care everybody ❤️Unser KursangebotAlle A1 Deutschkurse im Überblick.Alle A2...

Upcomming Events

Upcomming Events

Here's a fresh update on the upcoming events:In April we start a course that has been so expected - a new MORNING B2 intensive! A good chance for our students to move forward together with their friends.⠀Time: 09:00 - 12:15Duration: 200 hoursStart: April 14, 2020⠀And...

Hey everyone …

Hey everyone …

Hey everyone ...I am Vadim Kavalchuk, I'm a founder of bik-courses and a teacher. I've studied German and English Studies in Minsk State Linguistic University, Belarus, and later moved to Germany. My hobbies are travelling, books and fitness, I'm interested in various...

Competitive Prices

Competitive Prices

Competitive Pricesbik-courses gives really competitive prices for all the German courses on Munich market, but if you have a Certificate of Eligibility, your integration course would become one of the most profitable investments in your life. Look: each course hour...

„Leben in Deutschland“ Test

„Leben in Deutschland“ Test

"Leben in Deutschland" TestToday we had "Leben in Deutschland" test - an integral and final part of "Leben in Deutschland" course. Having received a joint B1+LiD Certificate you get a serious benefit - when you apply for a permanent resident permit, you need exactly...

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Leben in Deutschland

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